Real Estate Specialty Services

Property data you need to own, maintain, buy or sell on a larger scale

When buying or selling a property, an investor requires a huge body of information on the structural, technical, key systems, environmental and other status of the asset in order to set a price, consider the asking price, or just know its true market value. As owner or buyer, should you be weighing a particular use for the property or whether to renovate or upgrade any portion of it, you also need to know details of the design, regulations and other complexities as well as projected costs.

Lockatong Engineering has the capacity to simplify the overly complex aspects of real estate with comprehensive services that provide data as well as professional evaluations, documentation, oversight and design.

Our real estate specialty servicesfor the commercial, institutional, manufacturing, residential and associations markets include:

  • Property condition assessment/acquisition evaluation
  • Building envelope/fa├žade inspections
  • HVAC & other systems evaluations
  • Energy audits
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Design & architectural services
  • Contractor plans and specification preparation & bid evaluation
  • Construction monitoring
  • Third-party engineering insurance claim inspections
  • Residential structural engineering inspections
  • Forensic engineering
  • Expert witness