Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing is inherently more complex in its engineering and design demands than other markets. It calls for analysis of both material and personnel flow, its design features are subject to the CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and other highly regulated standards, and a qualified system must be maintained throughout the design process.

Lockatong Engineering’s professional staff possess mechanical engineering skills, finely tuned by education and project experience, to understand and take advantage of opportunities unique to a manufacturing site, such as employing vertical gravity material flow rather than distribution pumping.

Our solutions meet your requirements in a heavily regulated industry and bring clarity to complex systems. We design buildings that support the intricate infrastructure needed to separate product and personnel flow to provide crucial protection from contaminants, develop gradients of cleanliness for easier maintenance and compliance, and balance the larger and more complex HVAC, dust collection and vacuum systems required for manufacturing lines.

Whether it’s mitigating safety risks while balancing cost efficiency and compliance, or bringing personnel and management to a greater understanding of systems, processes and regulations through training and documentation, Lockatong’s unmatched professional skills, experience and holistic approach to all phases of the project ensure swift and documented compliance for construction completion and a return to production.

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