Hospitals, clinics, laboratories and residential healthcare facilities must deal with unique — and uniquely sensitive — issues that can be assessed effectively only by professionals who wield a specialized set of skills. In addition, each client has different needs and circumstances that influence how its facilities issues should be approached.

Lockatong’s engineers are active members of ASHE and participate regularly in local chapters’ activities. Even better, we learn from the engineers and managers responsible for institutional facilities how we can better apply our own engineering expertise to solve their problems.

Lockatong’s professionals are fully qualified to analyze the condition of the facility and its systems, assess a variety of risks, diagnose problems or defects, recommend a solution, design modifications to improve functionality, upgrade to meet new requirements or correct deficiencies — all to institutional standards.

As of May 19, 2014, the NJDEP has changed the General Air Permit for Emergency Generators. The new permit is GP-005A and is only for Emergency Generators Burning Distillate Fuels.

The old GP-005 permit is no longer available. You can continue to operate your generators under your current GP-005 until its expiration.

However, upon permit renewal you will be required to submit a permit application for the GP-005A. If you simply pay the permit renewal fee without submitting a permit application, your permit will automatically be terminated at expiration.

Please Note: There are some new record keeping requirements in this new permit and confirmation of emission rates from the manufacturer is required.

For those facilities that have Natural Gas Fired Emergency Generators, the NJDEP is in the process of creating a new general permit for them. However, it has yet to be published. You can continue to operate under your existing GP-005 until the new permit is published.

I am available to provide assistance to your facility to ensure that the proper permits are completed.Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Senior Project Engineer
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