Facility Design & Project Management

Examining, designing & maintaining your property’s key systems

The important systems that operate your facility at its peak performance carry a heavy burden of responsibility for the success of your venture and comfort and safety of the occupants. Lockatong Engineering appreciates that your organization’s future rests on us designing the exact right system for the job — and that each system takes into account the other systems within your facility for an efficient whole. We deliver on this understanding. Our facility design and project management services for the commercial, institutional and manufacturing markets include:

  • Boiler plant systems
  • Chiller plant systems
  • Plant air systems
  • Water systems, potable and domestic hot water
  • HVAC & specialty HVAC systems
  • Controls
  • Fuel systems
  • Medical gases & vacuum
  • Dust collection systems
  • Laboratory exhaust hoods & extraction points
  • Data centers for utility & HVAC systems
  • Pollution control & treatment
  • Building envelope
  • Fire alarm & protection
  • Life safety
  • Operating plans & specialized procedures