Lockatong’s degreed environmental engineering expertise puts us head and shoulders above other assessment firms that may have a course-trained environmental “expert” on staff. With our knowledge of local regulations and familiarity with New Jersey’s programs and personnel, our professional experience gives our clients a decided edge.

If you are purchasing a site that needs a Phase I Environmental evaluation, further investigation of a Phase II or remediation, we can guide you through the process.

Environmental regulations are constantly changing on a Federal and State level, which can be overwhelming and make it difficult for facilities to stay current. Our experience and knowledge allows us to deliver a stream of timely and pertinent information to our clients so they can be confident they are maintaining compliance.

— Tricia L. Romano, P.E.
Senior Project Engineer

Lockatong will capably manage permitting for your project, analyze systems for potential environmental issues and design systems that comply with regulations, record-keeping and reporting to meet your needs. Many clients rely on us to regularly audit their performance to keep them in compliance.

We provide air permitting for Title V, synthetic minor and natural minor facilities including hospitals, manufacturers, commercial and industrial facilities. We have extensive background in the operation of various process equipment and HVAC equipment, as well as their applicability to the numerous regulatory requirements.

A note about how we serve our clients: We value our relationships with our clients, which is why we make a point to visit our client sites regularly: Staying in touch this way allows us to communicate responsibly — and without delay — regarding new environmental regulations and how they might apply to each client’s unique operations. In addition, we provide onsite training and review the required record-keeping forms so client staff are adequately prepared for regulatory inspections from state and local jurisdictions.

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